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We’ve grouped each of our fabrics with similar shades. This means if you have a particular colour palette in mind, it’s easy to see all the available options, whether they’re patterned, plain or textured. Or if you are searching for inspiration and would like to browse our entire range, you can view all the fabrics. Simple!


How can I customise my Roller blind?

All Roller blinds from web-blinds are designed to fit your windows beautifully. And that’s not the only part of the blind that can be customised either!



You might think which side your controls are on isn’t important, but it’s worth considering what’s around your window. In the living room for example, you may want the control to be on the side of the window nearest to the sofa so you can adjust the blind from the comfort of your seat!

Left control side

Left control roller blinds

Right control side

Right control roller blinds

There is also a choice of colour options for the chain to complement your blind - select from a crisp white, warm brown or one of our sleek metallic shades.

Our Chain selection

Roller blind chain options

Shaped edging

There are a few edging styles - a classic straight edge is our best seller and will look great at any window. If you’d like to create a slightly softer effect, a waved edge is the ideal choice, while a sophisticated baroque edge is perfect for adding a touch of class to your room.

Roller blind shape options






For a really individual look, our arched or turret edging are fantastic options. These are finished with a pole – choose from pine, brass, chrome or nickel styles.

Our Pole selection

Roller blind pole options

Decorative touches

If you love accessorising your outfits, then you’ll be pleased to hear there are lots of lovely finishing touches for your Roller blind! For a decorative effect, you could pick a shaped pull to control your blind.

Roller pull

Our Pull selection

Roller blind pull
Roller blind pull options

Eyelets make a beautiful addition to the bottom of your blind and you can choose from gold, brushed silver, copper and chrome tones depending on your preferred colour scheme.


Our Eyelets selection

Roller blind eyelets
Roller blind eyelet options

Or if you’d like to add some decoration to the bottom of your blind but don’t want any light shining through, elegant braiding is a great option. Choose thin braiding for a delicate look, or if you want it to really stand out, go for a wider style. Last but not least, a luxurious beaded braid will create a truly eye-catching look.


Braided roller blinds

Our Braid selection

Roller blind braids

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