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We’ve arranged all our fabric samples by colour. So if you have a particular shade in mind it’s easy to pick your favourite pattern, plain or texture. If you’re looking for inspiration and would prefer to browse everything in the range, simply view all. It’s as easy as that!

How can I customise my Roman blind?

All Roman blinds from web-blinds are made to fit your windows absolutely perfectly. But that’s not that only part of the blind that can be customised. Let us tell you more.



It doesn’t sound exciting but the headrail is very important when it comes to how you want to open and close your Roman blind. We offer two types:


This is our basic operating system, you pull the blind up and lower it using a cord. You’ll need to fasten the cord to a cleat which is fixed to the wall. Choose this option if you want to save a little bit of money and you don’t mind wrapping the cords around the cleat (it only takes a few seconds but if you’re a little impatient, you might not like this).

Standard roman blinds


A continuous loop chain is fixed to one size of the blind. To open and close the blind simply pull on the chain. We call this our Deluxe option as it is so easy to use. Choose between a fresh white, sleek chrome or elegant antique chain. If you have children in your home, we would still recommend fastening the chain to the wall surrounding the window using one of our free safety devices when it’s not in use. This will keep it taut and out of the reach of tiny hands

Deluxe roman blinds


You may think it doesn’t matter which side your controls are on but it’s worth paying attention to what’s around the window. In the kitchen, for example, you wouldn’t want to burn your hand on a steaming kettle as you’re pulling up your blind.

Left control side

Left control roman blinds

Right control side

Right control roman blinds


All of our Roman blinds are lined as standard for a really sumptuous finish. We offer two options:


This is ideal for most windows in the home. It will help prevent the fabric fading in the sunlight and will also provide some additional shading when it’s light outside and you want the blind pulled down.

Standard lining roman blinds


We would always recommend a blackout lining for a bedroom, especially if you are a light sleeper or if you have children who wake up as soon as the sun comes up. Blackout linings are also great for providing additional glare control in a home office or if you love a dark environment to watch a blockbuster movie on your giant TV!

Blackout lining roman blinds

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