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How to Fit Perfect Fit Blinds

Fitting your new perfect fit blind is easy with our step by step video.  This video takes you through the parts you should receive and uses animation to show you exactly how the parts are put together. DIY has never been so simple. Please see below for printable instructions and if you have any queries please call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611. 

Measuring Basics

  • Always try and use a metal tape measure‚ you will get a more accurate result
  • Have a paper and pen ready to write your measurements straight down
  • Look out for things like window handles or tiles. You’ll need to take their position into account to ensure a perfect fit!
  • Double check you are entering your measurements in mm‚ cm or inches

Important note for measuring Roller blinds
For Roller blinds‚ we have to allow for fittings at either end of the blind‚ as there is no headrail. This means the actual fabric is approximately 2.8cm less for an exact measurement and 3.3cm less for a recess measurement. You don't need to make this adjustment‚ we do.

Important note for measuring Vertical blinds
Please note for the drop of a Vertical blind please measure down to your window sill‚ we will deduct 1cm off the drop for both Exact and Recess measurements to ensure your louvres run smoothly along your sill.

Fitting Perfect fit blinds (Video audio transcript)

Hello and welcome to Web-blinds‚ I’m here to help you fit your new perfect fit frame and blinds. Don’t worry it’s not complicated and our demonstration video will take you through step by step. Firstly just make sure you’ve got everything. You should have a perfect fit frame and blind‚ 4 brackets‚ and you might also have packing pieces but only if you specifically ordered them with your blind. If you think you’re missing anything give us a call on 0845 604 9611. Have you got everything? Let’s get started.

Lay all the parts of the frame and blind out face down on a clean and even surface. If you have a pleated blind for your perfect fit frame then you will need to unravel all the side guide cords and control cords‚ these will be wrapped around the blind when you get it‚ in fact your blind will have the top and bottom part of the frame attached by side guide cords. To complete the construction of your pleated blind‚ connect the left hand side of the frame to the exposed arm on the bottom left hand corner joint until it feels secure and repeat the process on the top left hand corner above it. Follow the same procedure for the right hand side of the frame. Once the frame is complete tighten the securing screws attached to each corner joint. If you have a venetian blind for your perfect fit frame it’s only attached to the top section. To complete the frame you’ll need to first connect the left hand side to the top‚ then connect this to the bottom section of the frame. Repeat the process for the right hand side. Once the frame is complete tighten the securing screws attached to each corner joint. Your perfect fit frame is now ready to fit‚ to fit your brackets you may need to apply lubricant‚ something like washing up liquid to the flat base of the window fixing bracket prior to the insertion of the bracket between the window and the rubber seal‚ that’s the bit between your window frame and the glass panel. To line the brackets up perfectly in your window frame a credit or debit card can be used by placing it length ways in the corners of your window and placing the bracket at the base of the card. If you don’t have a credit or debit card to hand you should measure 85mm from frame to fit your bracket. To fit all your brackets repeat the process on the other side and on the bottom of the glass. If your blind is over 120cm long by that I mean the drop‚ then you will be provided with two extra brackets‚ you should put these mid way down the length of the blind‚ one on each side‚ they need to be lined up with the bracket hole positions on the perfect fit frame. Once all the brackets are fitted clean up any washing up liquid or what ever you used from the window surface. To fit your perfect fit frame and blind line up the holes in the frame with the brackets‚ firmly press it onto each bracket one side at a time. Your frame and blind are now installed‚ to operate your pleated blind in the perfect fit frame simply raise and lower the blind to the desired position by firmly holding the thumb tab. We recommend opening and closing your blind regularly to keep the pleats in good condition. To operate your venetian blind in a perfect fit frame simply raise and lower your blind by using the cord‚ pull it across the front of your blind to release the cord lock and let the cord slide between your fingers. To adjust the angle of your slats twist the wand. Don’t forget slats need to be open when raising or lowering the blind. Well done you’ve fitted your blinds‚ if you have any questions or need any further help please contact us on 0845 604 9611. Enjoy your new blinds.