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Venetian Blinds t-shirt

The Japanese have long been famed for cutting edge fashion, but uniting everyday objects with clothing takes inspiration to a whole new level. This unique t-shirt by Japanese design duo known collectively as Mrs. Noto is just one from an amazing collection that includes a vacuum cleaner, umbrella, bathplug, bag and even a shoelace shirt for kids to practice tying laces on.

The venetian blind t-shirt did of course catch our eye first. The quirky design is aesthetically pleasing thanks to the clean clear lines of the image, but it is the interactive nature of the design that makes this a firm favourite for us. The Blinds Shirt as it known features a real cord from a venetian blind that is fed through an eyelet at the top of the image. When you pull the cord, the drawstring action causes ruching from the bottom slat of the blind, an eccentric feature of what is essentially an everyday item of clothing.

Mrs Noto is the brainchild of Mr and Mrs Noto, who are product design graduates from Kanazawa International Design Institute. Their ongoing commitment to design has seen them develop their work to include their t-shirt brand. The Blinds Shirt, along with the rest of the collection is an attempt to use t-shirts as a canvas for the reproduction of “commonplace, everyday scenes”.

Venetian Blind T-shirt