It's goodbye from us!

Web Blinds will remain open for trading until Tuesday 17th October 2023, after which the website will be taken offline. This isn't the end of Web Blinds though, we've simply moved to a new home! We've joined the Blinds 2go family, so simply head to where you'll find hundreds of gorgeous Blinds, Curtains and even Cushions to upgrade your haven, including some Web Blinds favourites.

We understand that if you're an existing Web Blinds customer you'll probably have some questions, so let's try to answer them:

What's happening with Web Blinds products once the site has closed?

We're moving many of our best loved products to Blinds 2go's amazing collection. In many cases our products will be renamed to fit better with Blinds 2go's style, but Blinds 2go will do their best to make our products easy to find, even where they've had a change of name.

I've ordered a sample but now the website is closed I can't order my blind, can I find it on Blinds 2go's website?

We're carrying many of our Blinds and fabrics over to Blinds 2go and incorporating them into their huge collection, albeit that some of the names will change slightly. Just head over to and type the name of your sample into their search box; if your chosen product has moved to their collection then you'll find it this way.

I'm a returning Web Blinds customer and I need to order another product to match one I already have, how do I find it?

Just search for your chosen product on If it's one that's been carried over then it'll come up in your search, even if its name has changed.

My product is still under guarantee, will this be honoured if anything goes wrong with it?

Yes! Blinds 2go will honour your guarantee for its full 5 years, so you're still covered. This will include parts and replacements.

What if my order is faulty and I need to return it?

Don't worry, Blinds 2go will honour the faults and replacement terms offered by Web Blinds. If there's anything wrong with your order simply get in touch with the friendly Blinds 2go team and give them your order number, they'll have a record of what you ordered. Wherever replacements are necessary, they'll be happy to arrange either a straight replacement, if the product is one that's been added to their inventory, or help you to find a suitable replacement from their own collection.

What about SureSize returns?

Blinds 2go will honour all of the guarantees offered by Web Blinds so there's no need to worry, you can still claim a replacement under SureSize if you need to. If your product has not been added to the Blinds 2go collection then their friendly team will help you to find the closest match.

I paid using Klarna / PayPal and my payments are still ongoing, will this be affected?

Not at all, as the payment is being handled by Klarna/PayPal. Your payments will continue uninterrupted so there's nothing to worry about.

What if I have a new or ongoing complaint or dispute regarding my Web Blinds order?

Blinds 2go have full access to Web Blinds order records so if your complaint is ongoing then they'll be able to pick up with you wherever you left off and will be more than happy to help you resolve it.

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