How to measure for replacement Vertical blind louvres

If your Vertical blind has a damaged louvre but you don’t want to buy a new blind, you can order individual replacement louvres instead.Our replacement louvres are available in two standard widths – 89mm and 127mm. You need to make certain that you order the size that matches your existing blind.

Our helpful pdf shows how to measure your existing louvres, to ensure you choose the same width. Once you know which size louvre you need, shop for your replacement louvres here.

If you need any additional advice, call our friendly team on 0845 604 9611.

Measuring Basics

  • Always try and use a metal tape measure, you will get a more accurate result
  • Have a paper and pen ready to write your measurements straight down
  • Look out for things like window handles or tiles. You’ll need to take their position into account to ensure a perfect fit!
  • Double check you are entering your measurements in mm, cm or inches