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Problem Solver: How to dress a dormer window

Dear Web-Blinds,

My fiancée, Soph, and I have just bought our first home together, and from a basement kitchen to walls every colour of the rainbow, we’ve plenty of quirky features to contend with. The master bedroom has a gorgeous dormer window which we love, but the sun flooding in during the morning is really disturbing our sleep. How can we get a blackout fabric without losing the light during the day?

Tossing and turning,


Dear Chris,

First of all, as there isn’t room either side of the window, a blind is a much better choice than a curtain. As you quite rightly said, you’ll want to ditch the sheer curtain and opt for a blind with a blackout fabric.

A Roller blind is a great pick for a bedroom. We’ve a wide range of blackout options available in funky patterns and pretty plains, and they roll up super small so you don’t have to worry about them getting in the way.

For a lovely luxurious feel, a Roman blind is just the thing. Add a blackout lining to any of our styles and you’ll want to get snuggled up ASAP!

One thing we recommend for a dormer window is fitting the blind slightly above the top of the window. That way, you can reduce the fabric that covers the window, blocking the light when the blind is pulled up. It’s easy to do this – just add a little extra to the drop measurement when ordering your blind.

Here’s hoping you’ll be out like a light,


Chris and Soph get a good night’s sleep

We love helping our customers pick the right blind for their windows. But more than that, we love seeing the finished product, so we were more than a little bit excited to see what Chris and Soph had done with their troublesome dormer window.

“We’re delighted with the transformation,” enthuses Chris. “It looks great, and it’s improved our quality of sleep no end. We loved the luxury of Roman blinds, so we ordered a handful of samples from Web-Blinds. The one that brought the house down was decorated with just that… houses!

“It’s called Promenade Blue and it’s the fun print we were looking for in our new home – we wanted something contemporary that wasn’t too serious. It adds interest to our white walls, and the blackout lining is just the thing for helping us to get a good night’s sleep.

Houses Blackout Roman blind

“The second requirement for our new blind was that it wouldn’t eclipse all the light in the day. As Web-Blinds recommended, we measured for a little extra length, allowing us to fit our blind that bit higher. The finished result is neat and tidy.

Houses Blackout Roman blind

“It’s great to get rid of that old sheer curtain – privacy isn’t a big problem for us and immediately after taking it down we realised how much light we were missing out on!

“This is our first home together, so we’re putting the pieces together slowly. We made good use of the how-to videos on the Web-Blinds site, which were easy to follow, even for DIY newbies like us.

“We’ll be getting onto the kitchen next. It might be a bigger job, but with this successful project under our belts, we’re feeling very optimistic!”