How much energy does your home waste?

The average annual gas and electricity bill for a UK home is £1‚315 per household‚ according to regulator Ofgem. Energy prices have been rising sharply for several years now and with another price hike announced recently‚ this trend looks set to continue.

It’s easy to reduce household energy consumption when you know how. Take a look at the Web-Blinds Energy Saving home for helpful room by room tips on how to keep as much cash as possible in your pockets.

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iLoft insulation can reduce heat loss through the roof
by up to 94%, saving an estimated £170
iSolar panels cost around £7‚000. They generate
approx £645 worth of energy, 3/4 of an average
household's power needs
iBoilers account for 55% of a typical home's energy bill –
more than all other electrical appliances combined
If your boiler is 10 years old a modern high efficiency
boiler would be 90% more efficient
iDouble glazing reduces window heat loss
by 74%, saving up to an estimated £170.
Closing curtains at night when the heating
is on reduces the amount of heat lost
iTypical energy loss of an average house:
Walls–35% Roof–25% Floors–15% Windows–10%.
Heating water and keeping our homes warm accounts
for 82% of a household's overall energy use
iBathroom Sink – Use the plug instead
of letting the water run
Lower flow taps can reduce water usage
iThe average bath uses
80 litres of water and costs 27.4p
Using just 8 litres less will
reduce the cost of a bath by 10%
iThe average eight-minute shower uses 62 litres (21.3p)
of hot water while power showers can use 136 litres (46.6p)
A water-saving shower head can reduce water usage
iCavity wall insulation reduces wall heat
loss by up to 53%, saving an estimated £140.
Solid wall insulation reduces wall heat loss
by 85%, saving up to an estimated £490
iIf you use a 6W LED light instead of a 60W tungsten
bulb you could save 90% on lighting costs
iReduce unnecessary weight-
100 lbs of extra weight will reduce
MPG by an average of 2.2%
iKeeping car tyres properly inflated can
reduce petrol usage by up to 3.3%
iElectric cookers cost 44p per hour while
gas cookers cost an average of 12p per hour.
That's a difference of 32p per hour.
Cooking in batches and freezing can save money
iThe average house in the UK
costs £600 per year to heat.
Lowering a thermostat by one degree
saves around 65 per year
iWashing machines: The most efficient washing
machines on the market today cost 5.8p
per wash in electricity. The least efficient
cost 23p per wash. Washing at 30 degrees
uses around 40% less energy
iDryers: The most efficient dryers cost 18p per use
while the least efficient ones cost 63p. That's a
difference of 45p each time. Drying clothes on a
washing line and radiators costs nothing
iThe average household flushes the
toilet 5000 times a year costing an
average of £130. The average flush uses
7.5 litres of water. That's 2.6p per flush.
Dual flush toilets can use up to 67% less water