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Homes not slums

Way back in Victorian times, only the rich owned property. Most people could barely afford to rent rundown slum houses from money-grabbing landlords.

Then, in 1904, the first 90% mortgage gave more of us the opportunity to own homes. And we took that chance.

Lights, camera, action!

Owning a home became an investment. You could turn your house into a better place to live or attempt to make a profit. TV execs took note of the growing interest in DIY and interiors.

The first Changing Rooms was broadcast in 1996.

There's nothing wrong with a little property obsession

Looking at homes on TV and online is fun. It’s a great way to get ideas for our own houses and lets us imagine the next step on our way up the property ladder.

There are all sorts of little ways to improve our homes – without going the full DIY SOS Makeover. Head over to Web-Blinds for inspiration.

What’s on telly?

Twenty years on and TV property shows are massive. We love watching people looking for new homes – but we’re obsessed with seeing a major renovation or building project.

So much so, we’re even happy sitting through old episodes.

Moving (home) with the times

New tech, like laptops and smartphones, lets us browse homes to buy or let whenever we want. And that’s great – because we look at the big-three property sites a lot.

It’s a national obsession!

90% of people rented in 1900

Today, 64% are homeowners