Feeling blue? Great, go to sleep

Have you ever heard that going to sleep in a bad mood should be avoided? Then you might be shocked to hear that feeling blue at bedtime is to be embraced.

The colour blue has long been recognised for its soothing qualities and for promoting both mental and physical wellness, but it has recently become known for contributing towards getting a good night’s sleep.

Our bodies react in different ways to the colours in the spectrum, with blue having been proven to slow the heart rate and even reduce blood pressure. These physiological shifts mimic the changes we go through during the night, so you are effectively preparing your body for sleep by going to bed in a blue room.

But while the colour blue will help you get ready to sleep, red has been proven to quicken the pulse and purple stimulates the mind, making them unsuitable bedfellows.

Feeling Blue? Great, Go to Sleep
Feeling Blue? Great, Go to Sleep