Keep unwanted noiZZZe at bay

It’s 4.30am … and a recurring faint, dull thud has been senselessly driving you to despair as a tormented sleepless night creeps into a torpid morning.

Whether it’s a dripping tap, a partner snoring or the constant grumble of traffic outside, noise as low as 40 decibels can be enough to keep us awake. The reason: as we enter sleep, the brain starts to block the flow of sensory information disturbing us – all apart from sounds.

Strangely, one of the best ways to combat noise at night is with more noise!

A sound conditioner can be used to create a ‘white’ noise that effectively masks the hubbub keeping you awake. You could do a similar job using a fan, an air conditioner or a vacuum cleaner.

Alternatively, wearing ear plugs when you go to bed will also help to stop unwanted noise from disrupting your sleep.

Keep Unwanted NoiZZZe at Bay
Keep Unwanted NoiZZZe at Bay