Lights out, go to sleep

You’ve drawn the curtains, turned off your bedside lamp and closed your eyes ready for sleep … but an annoying chink of light has broken through your window and seems destined to keep you awake.

It’s no coincidence that we tend to sleep at night – the slightest bit of light can stimulate nerves in our eyes and trigger daytime bodily functions.

This means that even though you’re tucked up in bed, the extra bright streetlight outside your window could be kidding your body into doing the things it naturally does during the day, rather than settling down for rest.

And if the late-night light disturbs you, then the chances are that the first glimpse of sunrise is really going to mess you up.

Instead of wearing an old-fashioned eye mask, a sure-fire way of keeping the light at bay is by fitting blackout blinds or curtains from Web-Blinds at your windows.

As their name suggests, these window dressings will help stop light from entering your room and disrupting your finely tuned bodily rhythms – so you can look forward to a good night’s sleep.

Lights Out, Go to Sleep
Lights Out, Go to Sleep