Set the thermostat to ZZZ°C

You might be surprised to hear that simply laying down causes our bodies to start cooling off in preparation for a bit of shut eye.

And that our body temperature will drop by around 1°C over the course of a night.

But this is exactly what happens – and it offers a clear insight into the ideal environment for sleeping.

Scientists have discovered that the optimal climate to help us get a good night’s kip is between 15°C and 20°C (60°F and 68°F); with cooler body temperatures being linked to deeper, longer and more satisfying sleep.

So it follows that creating the conditions conducive to lovely restorative sleep is as easy as turning down the heating a couple of degrees before bedtime or opening a window.

There are a number of specially designed mattress covers that can actually help keep your body temperature down, while cotton bed linen will allow your skin to breathe better than polyester sheets.

Another way to get heat on your side in the battle for ZZZs is by taking a steaming hot bath shortly before bed. The sharp rise and then fall in core body temperature will trick your system into getting ready to sleep!

Set the Thermostat to ZZZ°C
Set the Thermostat to ZZZ°C