The foundation of a good night’s sleep

Lying down on the perfect mattress is like beginning a job on the right foot – make a successful start and the rest will surely follow.

But is there such a thing as the ‘perfect’ mattress and if so how do you find it?

The ideal mattress depends on you and your resting posture, so whether you lie on your side, back or front should help determine the surface that you sleep on.

If you lie on your side or back, then you’ll want a mattress that’s soft enough to allow your shoulders and hips to sit comfortably, while offering ample support to the rest of your body.

Meanwhile, those of us who lie on our front tend to require a firmer sleeping surface to keep our spines aligned.

Choosing a mattress that’s too soft will mean your spine, head, hip and shoulders sink uncontrollably, while picking a sleeping surface that’s too firm will push the same pressure points out of alignment.

The material that a mattress is made from is also crucially important: innerspring models are ideal for slimmer sleepers and range in firmness; memory foam versions mould to the contours of the body, but can become warm at night; and latex options provide incredible support, which can be too firm for some people.

When it comes to shopping for your dream sleeping surface, then make sure you dress comfortably and take plenty of time testing each option until you find your ‘perfect’ mattress.

The Foundation of a Good Night’s Sleep
The Foundation of a Good Night’s Sleep