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from £8.95

Light Filtering Roller Blinds

Our light filtering roller blinds strike a perfect balance between shading and style. Ideal for rooms that tend to catch a lot of glare, they cut out the worst of it without plunging you into complete darkness. We've picked each fabric in our collection for its unique texture and detailing and when the sun shines through you'll be able to enjoy it in all its finery.

from £11.45

Blackout Roller Blinds

If both you and your home could do with a refresh, our blackout roller blinds are the perfect solution. A specially backed fabric completely blocks out the sun to banish those early mornings and turn your indoor space into a haven of privacy. We've picked our collection carefully so that whichever fabric you choose will give your windows an instant style upgrade.

from £23.55

Patterned Roller Blinds

Look lively, our patterned roller blinds are here to give your home a touch more pizzaz. Only the best here though, with capsule collections from some of the big hitters in the interiors biz and a few of our very own exclusive designs. Each style comes with its own lining options, so once you've picked a pattern you'll be able to customise your shading as well!

from £11.95

Voile, Sheer & Screen Roller Blinds

You like the sun and so do we but sometimes it gets a bit too much. That's where our voile roller blinds come in. They still let the light pour in so you're not living in darkness but they take the edge off just enough so you can enjoy it. It helps that they also look really smart and give you a bit of daytime privacy too. They also work really well with a pair of our Wave curtains, just saying.

from £13.50

Waterproof Roller Blinds

We love it when style and function go hand in hand. Our waterproof rollers are made from high grade PVC, so they're incredibly hardy. That doesn't mean they can't look fabulous while they're at it. We've pulled together some really smart styles to give your space some designer chic. They're blackout too, which means perfect privacy and superior shading.

from £29.45

Enjoy™ Roller Blinds

Life's for enjoyment, right? So we've got these stylish looking roller blinds to help you try to enjoy every part of the day and night. They're clever things. They're made up of two layers of fabric that you can line up in loads of ways to let in light, maintain a bit of privacy or simply shade your space from the sun. They also come in some really smart fabrics to add beautiful form to their function.

from £22.40

Luxury Soft Roller Blinds

We've got cosy and we've got practical. It's the dream combo. With our Luxury Soft Roller blind collection we've taken stylish fabrics usually reserved for roman blinds or curtains and specially treated them to create clean lined roller blinds for modern spaces. They're a little bit thicker, a little bit softer and add a little extra luxury to your windows. There's also the luxury of a choice of linings for versatile shading whenever you need it.

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