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The louvres on my Vertical blind won't rotate


Unhook the louvres and put them to one side for a moment. Then using the wand, turn the hooks so that they are all side-on (so that the rail would effectively be in the open position). Hook the fabric back onto the rail and everything should turn perfectly.

If that didn't work:

With the louvres off, use the wand or hook to turn the hooks in one particular direction. Keep going until you meet resistance, then keep going some more! It'll sound horrible but don't worry, you're not breaking the blind. By the time you reach a point where you can't turn the hooks any further they should have all turned to align with each other. If not, just repeat the process in the opposite direction until fixed.

The slats won't rotate on my Venetian / wooden blinds won't tilt

Take the blind down from the brackets and take a look inside the top, you will see a long rod running the width of the blind. Check the side where the tilt control is and you'll see the mechanism the tilt cords or wand connect to.

The long rod should be fully inserted into this mechanism, but in this case it may have slipped out. With the slats of the blind open and level (and with the cords on wooden blinds both hanging at the same length), push the rod back into the mechanism so that it's fully inserted. You should find the blind now tilts perfectly.

I've just installed my Venetian / wooden blinds, but they're stuck in the raised position

Take the blind down from the brackets and have a look in the top, at the side where the lift cords go into the headrail. They pass through a mechanism with a small cog inside. The cog has likely jammed itself in place, simply give it a push from above (use a screwdriver or pen) until it's loose. This should free up the lift cords and allow the blind to lower once you've put it back into its brackets.

My new Roman blinds are creased

The creasing usually happens in transit, where the blinds have been packed or rolled up. Hang the blind up and use it regularly and the creases should fall out naturally over time.

My Roman blind is hanging unevenly

Look behind the blind for the cords that raise and lower the fabric, you'll see that they attach to the back of the blind with small plastic clips, which you can pop open easily.

With the cords detached, use the beaded chain to lower them as far as they will go, making sure there's no slack left in the cords, and check that they're all an even length. You can retie any cords that are too long to make them shorter, so that all the cords are the same length.

Then simply clip the cords back onto the back of the blind and it should have evened out.

There are some loose cords on the back of my blind and it won't open or close

It's OK when this happens - it's one of your blind's child-safety devices.

Your Roman blind features child-safe inner cords with two-part clips. If they come apart, simply click the part that the cord is tied to into the part that's attached to the back of the blind.

Alternatively watch our troubleshooting video featuring a solution to this issue.

The tassel / consolidator has come apart on my blind cords

The tassel or consolidator that has come loose is your child-safety device. It's designed to do this when put under pressure.

Just take the loose end and click it back into place, making sure the knotted ends of the cords are all inside and that there are no loose threads caught when you click it back together.

Alternatively watch our troubleshooting video featuring a solution to this issue.

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