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Light Filtering Vertical Blinds

They've got the look, they've got the style and they'll go as big as you like. In a peerless procession of trend led textures and tones, these light filtering vertical blinds are hard to ignore. Great at letting in lots of bright sunshine when you need it and cutting out the glare when you don't. For big windows, our vertical blinds succeed where others fail, they're available in extra large sizes for an extra dose of contemporary chic.

from £13.95

Dimout Vertical Blinds

A troupe of trend inspired fabrics with a bit more shading than your average. Each louvre has a blackout backing to give you even more light control on those bright summer days. A simple twist of the wrist is all you need to drench the room in sunlight again, putting you back in charge. Vertical blinds come in bigger sizes too, so they're ideal for those big and tall windows that deserve some contemporary style.

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