Sleep deep, sleep sober

You’ve had a few drinks and fallen into a seemingly comfortable sleep, but when morning comes it feels like you’ve not even been to bed.

Quite simply, the problem is alcohol. You might find it easy to nod off after a night’s drinking, but after a couple of hours your rest could be disrupted.

Numerous studies have found that once the initial phase of deep sleep is over, drinkers will experience very light and fitful bouts of REM, making them feel grouchy, groggy and grumpy come morning.

Experiencing disrupted REM phases of sleep can also have knock-on effects for drinkers’ abilities to maintain concentration the next day, their motor skills and their memories.

If you’re going to drink alcohol, then the solution is to consume a little and to do so early in the night so that your body has a sufficient amount of time to process the booze before bedtime.

So while you might think that having a nightcap before bed is a good idea, later on its effects could come back to haunt you.

Sleep Deep, Sleep Sober
Sleep Deep, Sleep Sober