Step outside and enjoy the early morning sun

Wake up, throw open the curtains and bask in the early morning sun – you might not realise it, but just doing this simple act could pay dividends at night.

Scientists believe that being stuck in an artificially lit room all day is throwing out our body clocks, which can have a negative effect upon the amount of sleep we get at night.

Light is measured in lux, with a living room lit by a standard bulb coming in at roughly 200 lux, while even a dull day is rated at around 10,000 lux.

It’s believed we need 1000 to 2000 lux just to keep our body clocks ticking, so it’s clear to see the benefits getting outside can have for our sleep patterns.

The best advice for getting a good night’s sleep is to take in the bright sunshine early in the day and then keep artificial light to a minimum late on so that your bodily cycle starts getting you ready for bed.

Step Outside and Enjoy the Early Morning Sun
Step Outside and Enjoy the Early Morning Sun