The Ultimate Hacks For Every Armchair Sports Fan

Create the ‘stadium effect’ in your front room with these three home hacks – and be crowned champion of the sofa spectators

The stars have aligned for the armchair sportsman. Over the next three months, they can live and breathe the World Cup, Tour de France, Wimbledon and Commonwealth Games.

While experiencing the highs and lows of competition, these lounge champions can also take time to indulge their love of big screens, tasty snacks and frosty beverages.

Scroll down to find out how to make the most of this special, sporting time – without even breaking a sweat.

Make a big projector screen with a Roller blind

You’ve somehow scored a projector for the big event, so everyone is coming round. But what will you do for a screen? You could fork out for a special screen for the night. Or you could kill two birds with one stone by dressing your window with a new blind that doubles as a home-cinema display.

Simply go for a white Roller blind in a blackout fabric and open it out to catch the match on the big screen.

Share and snack alike

What’s the best way to share crisps without creating any washing up? Turn the packet into its own bowl!

Open your crisp bag as usual. Now push and roll the pack up inside itself from the bottom until the snacks starting popping out the top. There’s no more digging around or waiting for your turn, just easy snacking and sharing.

Chill a drink (almost) instantly

It’s halftime in the match. Everything is going great. Only someone has taken the last cold beer from the fridge. And it takes a minimum of 45 minutes to make a beverage turn frosty using conventional means.

So grab a big, thick bowl and fill it with ice cubes, water and tinnies. Next, add a cup of salt to the mix and give it all a good shake. Your beer will be nicely chilled in just three or four minutes.

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